Being bitten by a herd of 10 lions, the wild buffalo calmly counterattacked with unbelievable developments

Under a large lake in the middle of a wild forest, a buffalo is trying to fight for its life. It had to fight a herd of hungry lions right in the middle of the lake. Buffalo, with its superior strength and mass, appears strong and determined.

The lions, cunning and brutal predators, appear confident and ferocious. Both the buffalo and the lion fought with great courage and strength.

Although buffaloes have mass and strength superior to lions, the cunning and dexterity of lions become important factors in this fight. The lions attack from many sides, trying to keep the buffalo off balance and finding ways to attack the enemy’s weak points.

The buffalo tried very hard to fight off the lions and save its own life. Finally, after a long struggle, the buffalo was exhausted and had to die under a herd of dozens of lions.