Crocodiles stalked to hunt buffalo but was gored through the stomach by buffalo horns

A herd of about ten buffaloes, they invited each other to immerse themselves in a large pond to dispel the heat of summer.
They took a comfortable dip without knowing that they had inadvertently entered the swamp king’s territory.
A large crocodile is hiding under the calm water.

It waits for an opportunity to attack for a delicious meal of buffalo meat.
The opportunity had come, it suddenly emerged strongly, biting right into the muzzle of a large buffalo.

The buffalo saw the appearance of the crocodile, they panicked and ran ashore.
But a buffalo was bitten on the snout by a crocodile, it refused to let go even when the buffalo pulled the crocodile ashore.

After a while of struggling and not letting go, along with the pained cries of the buffalo, the crocodile also let go. It knows when on the shore it will be weaker.

So the crocodile was sad and had to quietly retreat without getting any prey.