End bigotry! The python was in pain as it was tortured by hundreds of porcupine spines for trying to eat it

The tragic scene of a giant python dying from a porcupine spike has made many people shudder.

A fierce, dramatic fight broke out between the world’s largest python and a porcupine with sharp spines, making many animals shy.

Extreme Battle Porcupine vs Snake, Wild Animals Attack

In the video, the python is hunting after a long month of not finding any prey. Suddenly, near a cave, a giant hedgehog with sharp spines appeared.

The python gently approached and circled around the hedgehog with the goal of finding an opening to attack quickly and accurately. However, the python was too risky when trying to squeeze the hedgehog.

Porcupine Vs Snake

The hedgehog’s sharp spines penetrate deeply into the python’s body, causing terrible pain. After being stabbed many times, the python was forced to release the hedgehog.

However, with serious injuries, the python could not escape death. Its body was found not far away, with porcupine spines stuck all over its body.