Fighting continuously for many hours: the cheetah suddenly collapsed, becoming the laughing stock of the zebra herd

On a vast steppe, the atmosphere becomes exciting and tense when a herd of cheetahs is chasing zebras. The cheetah, with its cold eyes and muscular body, creates a fearsome and determined image.

With flexible jumps and sharp teeth, the cheetah appears to be a brutal predator, ready to attack for its life. Zebras are agile, showing readiness and sharpness. Their bright eyes reflect alertness and alertness.

With quick escapes and strong legs, zebras try to find ways to avoid cheetah attacks and protect themselves. Although cheetahs have superior strength and ferocity, zebras use their cunning and evasion techniques to dodge attacks.

Zebras try to maintain distance and look to take advantage of their flexibility to find opportunities to escape. In the end, the zebra still could not escape the fate of being torn to pieces by the cheetahs.