Lion dies tragically and makes delicious food for the brutal giant crocodile as it crosses the river of hell

Under the blazing sun, powerful lions walk on the land like ruling kings. However, when faced with water, their position suddenly becomes shaky and vulnerable to those who dominate the deep water.

The scene in the video made viewers shudder. Two lions boldly crossed the river and were suddenly ambushed by a ferocious crocodile. The battle between master hunters takes place right in the dangerous waters.

Two lions attacked by crocodile!

Because of the scarcity of food, the lions were forced to cross the river to get to the other bank, where the food source was more abundant. Even though they are not good swimmers, they still have to work together to cross the water safely.

Just as he touched the cold water, a crocodile suddenly appeared. It hid in the water, slowly approaching the two lions with the intention of attacking. When the distance is close enough, the crocodile rushes forward at a terrifying speed, attacking fiercely. One of the two lions quickly ran away, while the other was grabbed by the crocodile and dragged into deep water.

Fortunately, after a fierce struggle, the lion finally escaped the fearsome predator’s sharp teeth and reunited with his comrades. The battle ended, but traces of ferocity and danger were still imprinted in the minds of viewers.