New adult jaguars learn how to hunt giant catfish

The jaguar, after drinking water in a lake, immediately discovered that there were animals moving in the water and they were quite large. The leopard was hungry, after drinking water, it ambushed to hunt the fish below.

The catfish have no natural enemies so it grows to its maximum size, however today they were out of luck as the jaguar found the lake where they are and will make them its meal of the day.

The leopard dived into the mud to grab the biggest fish. However, due to slippery skin and mud, the catfish quickly slithered away to hide from the leopard’s clutches. The leopard was bewildered when it did not see the enemy even though they were just in front of his eyes.

However, luck smiled on it when an elephant came to get mud and splashed it on the body, revealing the location of the fish.

Seeing this, the jaguar quickly approached the place at lightning speed. Despite having the advantage of smooth skin and slime, this time the leopard bit the fish and that was the end of the giant catfish.