Scary !! The wild boar chased and attacked the two leopards so fiercely that they were scared to death

Wild boars are often the prey of leopards, but sometimes there are special cases where wild boars defeat leopards and escape.

This time the wild boar seemed to be quite successful in escaping from the two leopards. The leopard seemed to have ambushed the wild boar’s house and waited for it to come out of its den.

Then a leopard quickly caught a wild boar, and the wild boar’s scream attracted the leopard’s comrades to run over.

The two leopards were waiting to defeat the wild boar and enjoy their meal, but it seemed that the wild boar was quite stubborn.

The wild boar struggled and escaped from the leopard, then was quickly captured a second time.

But that did not extinguish the wild boar’s desire to live, it continued to struggle and escape. This time it worked and the two leopards became a joke.