The angry mother hippo jumped high and bit the cruel lion’s butt to rescue the baby hippo from the claws of death

Lions have always been the most brutal predators in the wild. Newborn animals are very susceptible to being stolen by lions and even a baby hippos.

The heart stopping moment in a fight to protect baby hippos was recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

The lion stalks and waits for the opportunity to give birth to the hippo, then it quickly rushes to and captures the baby hippo.

The lion carried the baby hippo in his mouth and quickly ran away. The mother hippo barely reacted.

But soon after the lion released the baby hippo to the ground, the mother hippo quickly appeared and attacked the lion. The rescue was successful and the lion ran away in fear.

Fortunately, the baby hippo is quite large and lions have a hard time stealing the baby hippopotamus away.