The hawk became the angel of death, calling the pigeon to receive the most painful ending for daring to arrogantly attack it

A tense fight was going on on the green grass between a small but brutal sparrow hawk and a pigeon. Two enemies face off against each other, each displaying their amazing hunting and survival instincts.

The fight begins when the sparrow hawk attacks from above. They rush down at the speed of light, sharp claws ready to cut and tear at any opportunity. However, the clever pigeon moved quickly, avoiding the sparrow hawk’s sharp, blade-like blows.

The pigeon’s agility and superior vision allow it to maintain a safe distance. The chase continued, the sparrow hawk did not give up. It still attacks continuously, trying to find a way to approach and capture its prey.

But the pigeon is not easily defeated. It glides through space at high speed, jumping up and down, creating an unpredictable spinning effect, making the sparrow hawk confused and unable to attack the target.

Finally, after a race full of strength and sharpness, the sparrow hawk found the opportunity to pin the pigeon to the ground and peck at it. The pigeon was seriously injured and had to give up.