The hippo faces death and waits for a slim chance of survival from the elephant’s giant tusks

On the riverbank, a baby elephant is exploring the world around him and immersing himself in nature. But suddenly, a giant hippo appeared from under the water. The hippo, with its huge body and unrivaled strength, stared at the baby elephant as a potential target.

The baby elephant, although smaller, is fearless and ready for confrontation. The baby elephant attacked first, jumping up and using his agility to dodge the hippo’s bite. It used its trunk to whack the hippo’s snout.

However, the hippo’s strength and resistance were formidable. It uses its large teeth to repel the baby elephant. With its strength, the hippo tried to drown the baby elephant underwater. But the baby elephant is not easily defeated.

It used its powerful trunk to repel the hippo and tried to keep fighting. The confrontation between the baby elephant and the hippo continued. The baby elephant used his intelligence and speed to avoid strong punches from the hippo.

Finally, after a fierce struggle, the baby elephant realized that he could not defeat the hippo so he retreated and ran back to his herd for safety. The hippopotamus shows dominance over the territory and continues to hold its position.