The horse fights for honor and life, the komodo dragon will definitely regret his wrong decision

On a pristine island, a conflict between two Komodo dragons and a great horse is taking place. This scene is terrifying and haunting, with a battle between two incredible creatures. The attack began with two Komodo dragons charging at the large horse.

Their sharp claws dig into their prey’s skin and use their large teeth to attack. The great horse tried to repel the two Komodo dragons, fighting back using its strength and acumen. It uses its powerful legs to hinder the advance of its enemies.

The battle became a fierce struggle, in which each animal was fighting with courage and devotion. Each Komodo dragon attacked relentlessly, biting the big horse’s legs. They try to approach and attack brutally.

But the big horse is not easily defeated. It fights back, using strength and speed to deceive and escape. But in the end, the horse was poisoned by a bite from the Komodo dragon on its leg, exhausted and in pain to death.

The two Komodo dragons waited for the horse to be completely defeated and then proceeded to tear apart their prey.