The jaguar frantically tries to save its wife from the swamp king’s huge jaws

A jaguar feels thirsty. It approached the swamp to drink water, not knowing that under the calm water was hiding a giant crocodile.
It is waiting for the right moment to come up and grab the jaguar.

The jaguar had just taken a sip of water when a crocodile three times the size of a jaguar popped out of the water and grabbed the jaguar’s head.
Out of reflex, the jaguar struggled to escape from the swamp king’s large mouth.

But because the crocodile was so big and strong, it managed to drag the jaguar into the river. The surface of the water is fierce due to the fight between crocodiles and jaguars.

Crocodile grabbed the leopard’s head and dragged it into the middle of the lake. After a while, jaguars and crocodiles were no longer visible.

The calm water surface was tinged with the bright red color of blood. Perhaps the jaguar has been lying deep in the lake bed and has become a lucrative meal for the whole crocodile family.

The two jaguars on the shore panicked and ran away from the shore and immediately forgot their previous thirst.