The king of the forest wanted to kill the zebra, was kicked in the head by a series of kicks, and almost met the lord of hell

The zebra (scientific name: Equus zebra) is a species of mammal in the equine family (Equidae) and a member of the genus Equus. They have black-white or black-brown plumage with horizontal stripes on the body, characteristic of this species.

Zebras live mainly on grasslands and savannas in Africa, especially South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. They are herd animals and eat grass, leaves and young plants. They often move in large herds to minimize the risk of becoming prey to predators.

When Prey Fight Back! Zebra Goes Crazy Kicks To Lion's Head To Death, It's  Horrible! - YouTube

A lion is hiding and stalking a herd of zebras grazing not far away, the herd of zebras still engrossed in eating grass and not paying attention to the approaching danger.

It started to speed up and charged at a rather weak one in the zebras, the zebra was bitten on the neck and was held tightly by the lion, unable to escape. The zebra tried to struggle, calling for help, but its herd panicked and ran away quite far.

Amazing: Lion vs Zebra with unexpected escape

The lion tried to bite and hold it tightly to prevent it from escaping, but the zebra with strength and perseverance struggled and turned to throw thunderous kicks in the face of the lion.

The lion was stunned, unable to hold back, and the zebra took the opportunity to throw a few more kicks and quickly ran away to gather in its herd. The brave zebra defeated the cold-blooded predator and narrowly escaped death.