The king of the swamp sometimes has to be thick-skinned to steal the lion’s food because he is too hungry

In the world of wild animals, they not only fight, eat each other, but also compete for each other’s food.
A lioness has just hunted a small deer. It approached the riverside to enjoy and prepare to have a delicious meal, when suddenly a huge crocodile appeared, it jumped ashore to grab the lion’s deer.

It clutched the deer in its mouth and swam into the water.
The angry lion immediately jumped into the water to wrestle the deer with the crocodile.

The crocodile rotates several times in a row across the water to let the lion go.Crocodile took the deer and ran away. The lion chases determined to take back its prey.

The crocodile still bit the deer and did not let go. The lion was so angry that he hit the crocodile in the face with his hand and decided to pull the deer out of the crocodile’s mouth.
But the lion still could not get the deer back, so he let the crocodile hold the deer in his mouth while it nibbled on the deer’s meat one by one to eat.