The lame lion was surrounded by hundreds of hyenas and brutally bitten it

When the male lion was wandering in search of prey, it accidentally got lost in the territory of the whole herd of hyenas.
It was quickly surrounded by a herd of hyenas and all entered a state of preparation for battle.

The lion was a little scared when his leg was injured and he was lost from the herd. It raised its eyes to look for its kind, eyes that exuded the fear of the lord of the jungle.

Due to its injured legs, it could not flexibly run away and resist the strong herd of hyenas.

It can only sit and fight back with its mouth and threaten back with its roar.

However, when identifying an enemy near it, it still tries to jump in and bite. The hyenas saw this and rushed to bite the lion’s tail and back.

However, a second king appeared and completely reversed the game.

When it saw an ally coming to the lion as if it was spiritually energized, it rose up to attack the hyenas fiercely.

When the hyenas see one more lion, they know they are not an opponent, so they quickly withdraw if they do not want to receive a dark ending.

At the end of the war the two kings were safe and they played together, then the two continued hunting for today.