The lion screamed in pain when the hyenas returned to take revenge, demanding to take away the legs of the king of the jungle

A fierce battle is going on between the brown hyena and a group of lions. The atmosphere became tense, but also filled with suspense and excitement. The fight started when the brown hyena attacked first. It uses its agility and speed to avoid the lions’ attacks.

However, the male lion and other members of the pride refused to lose the fight. They form a terrifying chain, attacking brown hyenas from many sides. Both sides fought with determination and courage.

Brown hyenas run around and fool their opponents by pretending to drink water. Meanwhile, lions use the strength of numbers and cooperation to defeat their prey. Each animal uses its strength and tactics to gain the upper hand.

Brown hyenas, although smaller, constantly attack and dodge, while lions use their sharpness and strength to overwhelm their opponents. In the end, the numbers and fighting skills of the lions won. They defeated the brown hyena and injured it. The brown hyena, despite its defeat, kept its life and ran away.