The mighty mother ostrich fights with the sinister hyenas to protect her newly hatched cubs

Newborn ostriches are really cute but they are the fat prey of the wicked spotted hyenas and are always in a state of hunger. Therefore, mother ostriches must monitor them throughout their adult months.

The hyenas see the fat baby ostriches, then immediately follow and determine the target. As long as the mother ostrich is a little distracted, they will have a delicious meal of the baby ostrich. When the mother ostrich saw the silhouettes of the hyenas, she immediately chased them and warned.

Due to their aggressive physique and nature, ostriches really don’t mind coming into contact with these hyenas. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to fight the hyena if they dare to get close to its cubs.

Although it ran away, it always watched the ostrich’s every movement, but the mother ostrich watched too carefully, so temporarily they had to leave, but they would return. Because wild is survival and harsh.