The monkey used his baby to lure the crocodile to shore and then called his kin to take revenge on the swamp king

A monkey is enjoying a drop of cool water in the palm of his hand. The sunlight sparkled through the tree foliage, creating bright lines on the monkey’s brown fur. In that peaceful moment, suddenly, a movement from under the water awakened the monkey’s consciousness.

A giant crocodile, with sharp eyes and rows of sharp teeth like a scythe, emerged from the riverbed. The monkey senses danger and aggression from the crocodile. Quickly, it jumped up, trying to get away from the underwater monster.

The monkey’s flexibility and sensitivity help it avoid dangerous bites from the crocodile. However, the crocodile is not an easy opponent to defeat. It was created by the strength and fierceness of nature.

The crocodile approached the monkey, struggling with its strength and trying to catch its prey. The fight between the monkey and the crocodile becomes a deadly confrontation.

In the end, the monkey’s agility and cunning prevailed. It found a loophole in the crocodile’s attempted attack and took advantage of it. A final blow from the monkey caused the crocodile to retreat.