The painful death that Porcupine gave to the leopard was caused by the leopard’s own stupidity

On a high tree, a leopard looked down from the top of the hill with attentive eyes. A patch of forest surrounded the place, and it spent the morning hunting. Suddenly, a strange cry came from far away.

The leopard turned around and saw a porcupine running through a field of weeds. The leopard’s eyes blinked with excitement, and it decided to pursue this prey. With light and graceful running steps, the leopard approached the porcupine.

It uses its sharp ears to hear the sound of prey in the forest and target it. When it felt close enough, the leopard jumped out of the bushes and rushed straight at the porcupine.

However, unfortunately for the leopard, the porcupine was prepared to attack. It quickly curled up and unfolded the sharp spikes on its back. When the leopard stabs the porcupine, these spikes penetrate deeply into its body.

The leopard felt pain from the wounds caused by the sharp thorns, but it did not falter. Its determination and courage do not allow it to give up. Instead, it continued to fight, reaching up and trying to take down the porcupine, even though the spikes dug deep into its flesh.

Finally, the leopard successfully hunted the porcupine. Even though it is pricked by thorns, it does not stop fighting until its prey finally gives in. Patience and perseverance helped the leopard overcome difficulties and achieve his goals.