The poor zebra screams in pain for accidentally straying into the crocodile’s territory and being ripped off by it

When the zebras were trying to move across the river, they immediately ran into a large crocodile. Despite seeing this, these stupid horses still tried to get to the other side of the river.

This is truly a buffet of crocodiles. However, they are only crocodiles in the process of maturing, so zebras can still use their strong legs to escape. Only the young are in danger of becoming prey.

The young, if not washed away by the water, will also become fat prey, it is like the pieces of meat that can run in the crocodile’s eyes and if you do not try your best to run, there is only the way to die.

This young zebra was lucky that it made it to the other side without any danger. It jumps on the backs of alligators so it can safely get to the other side.

This unlucky zebra was bitten on the tail by an alligator and held tight to prevent it from escaping. However, the zebra struggled too hard and the crocodile was still small, so the zebra narrowly escaped death.