The wildebeest gave sharp horns to the leopard’s chest to remember today’s unexpected encounter

Leopards are the most perfect predators in the wild with a very high success rate, but facing them today are brave warriors called wildebeests. The exciting battle is still behind.

Leopards hunt and hide under trees, waiting for prey to pass by and make a surprise attack. The sudden attack makes the leopard lose strength and easily knock down the opponent and deliver the finishing blow.

The herd of wildebeest passes and the leopards spring into action, a smaller wildebeest being chosen by the leopard.

The leopard rushed out and quickly squeezed the wildebeest’s neck, but it was difficult to knock down this strong wildebeest.

While the leopard was struggling to find a way to take down its prey, another wildebeest rushed forward. The wildebeest’s horn points straight at the leopard’s body.

A painful attack, the leopard quickly ran away and forgot about today’s meal, it was really hard to swallow.