Tyrannical crocodile wants to turn himself into a superhero to rescue wild boars from the death claws of the king of the jungle

Wild boar is one of the prey that is contested by both tigers and crocodiles, they are moderate in size but agile and dexterous so it is a difficult target for both these predators.

A tiger has discovered the location of the wild boar, it stalks, hides, closes, and accelerates to attack the wild boar, not giving it a chance to escape.

Viral Video: Crocodile Attacks Tiger Hunting A Wild Boar

The wild boar was also not easily defeated, it stopped its sharp horns repeatedly stabbing the tiger’s stomach to give it a chance to struggle and escape.

The crocodile outside saw the fight and rushed forward very quickly, using his powerful teeth to suddenly bite the tiger to snatch the wild boar from the tiger’s claws.

Tiger Mauling A Boar Gets Interrupted By An Aggressive Crocodile | Whiskey  Riff

The tiger that was fighting with the wild boar did not notice the crocodile that rushed to attack it, but with its skillful hunting skills and excellent reflexes, it jumped to avoid the crocodile’s attack.

The tiger took a fatal blow to the boar’s neck and pulled away very quickly away from the crocodile’s position, the crocodile lost his great opportunity to rob the food and had to leave in shame.