Wildebeest falling in love so bored with life jumps into the swamp king’s territory to seek death

A herd of wildebeest is gathering on the lake shore. They are resting to drink water after a long journey.
Little did they know that they had accidentally strayed into the swamp king’s territory.

A large crocodile is hiding in the deep water. It had noticed the wildebeest herd. Just when it needs to hunt in order to find a delicious lunch. The wildebeest came at just the right time.
A few wildebeest were drinking water when suddenly the crocodile came up and bit directly into the meat of the wildebeest. Looks like the crocodile was too hungry and couldn’t wait any longer.

It immediately pulled a wildebeest into the water. The other wildebeests ran away in panic.
The wildebeest alone has to fend off the crocodile in the water. It tried to swim as fast as it could, kicking the crocodile with its feet and ramming it with its horns. It used all its strength to make its way towards the mainland.
Almost to the shore, but the crocodile still refused to let go. Its snout tried to grip the wildebeest’s leg.

The wildebeest, because it fought back in the water, quickly became exhausted.
It had to lie still in the water despite its fate. Finally, the crocodile used all its strength to bring the wildebeest down and took it out into the middle of the river to eat it.