The rhinoceros is small but does not give up before the giant elephant, using its invincible horn to assert its strength

On the wasteland, a giant elephant and a strong rhino faced each other, ready for a fierce battle. Both are giant creatures with incredible strength and defense. The battle begins, and both are determined not to lose.

The elephant uses its strength and trunk to attack from afar, trying to damage the rhino with a powerful blow. However, the rhino quickly responded by ramming the elephant, using its horns and thick skin to defend against the attacks.

The battle took place in a tense confrontation, each animal was using all its strength to gain an advantage. The elephant continued to attack, but the rhino did not falter.

Finally, a powerful attack from the elephant was enough to knock the rhino down. Although the rhino fought bravely, the elephant’s strength and mass were overwhelming. The elephant, even though it was also seriously injured, won this fight.