The honey badger stubbornly ate the turtle and its painful end came soon after

Thanks to their strong shell, turtles are rarely eaten by other animals, but they still cannot escape the honey badger’s perseverance and ingenuity. Whenever attacked by an opponent, they often cower into their shell to defend themselves.

However, when encountering a persistent and clever honey badger, the unfortunate turtle had to die and was eaten by a predator after a long struggle. Thinking that the turtle’s sturdy shell would save its life. But perhaps it was the turtle shell that harmed it.

The turtle’s shell was turned upside down, but I thought it was hard so it was difficult for the honey badger to break it. Unexpectedly, the honey badger defied everything to bite the turtle’s shell.

It frantically bit and tore out the small turtle’s intestines. In the end, the poor turtle could not escape the fate of being food for badgers.