The lion after today gave up his habit of hunting donkeys because of the painful gift the donkey gave him

The lion, who is the king of the wilderness, leads the hunting herd through the fields, looking for his target – a herd of donkeys grazing far on the other side. The lions charged straight at the donkeys, moving in sync.

With its unyielding beauty, the alpha lion displays strength and power with every step. It emits a warning roar, to signal an impending attack. In chaos and fear, the donkeys began to flee from the pursuit of the lions.

The lion’s cunning and speed are clearly demonstrated as it runs after each donkey, trying to find and attack the weakest ones. The lions are wise and intelligent, acting together to distract the donkeys and form a field of evil.

Each lion chooses its target, aiming to attack a specific donkey. Finally, a lion found the perfect opportunity. It jumped up and bit the neck of a donkey, breaking its resistance.

The other lions also quickly attacked, creating a bloody battle between prey and predator. The donkeys, although they tried to escape, were ultimately unable to resist the determination of the lions. Each donkey becomes prey for ferocious predators.