Today the squirrel brought overwhelming death to the poisonous snake, causing it to leave the world in a minute

On the hot sand, a tiny squirrel was looking for food. Suddenly, not far away, a poisonous snake appeared. The snake was slithering in the sand, sensing danger and ready to attack. Squirrels sense the presence of danger and get goosebumps.

It stood still, ears strained and ready for confrontation. Battle begins. The squirrel quickly jumped up and delivered lightning-fast bites to panic the snake. However, the snake is not easily fooled. It listens to the squirrel’s voice and navigates based on its scent.

Once again, the snake quickly advanced at breakneck speed, trying to attack the squirrel. Squirrels are sharp and flexible, easily avoiding bites from snakes. Its cunning and flexibility help the squirrel avoid dangerous bites from the snake.

The squirrel uses its agility and sharpness to find ways to attack from the back and side, trying to fool the snake. Meanwhile, the snake continuously changed tactics, trying to find a way to approach the squirrel.

Finally, after a fierce struggle, the squirrel defeated this snake. With intelligence and dexterity, it tried to bite off the snake’s head and beat its opponent to death.